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Sustainable/Profitable Farming Systems for Saline wastelands

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Under this programe we are searching for the opportunities to develop, test and introduce/demonstrate all possibilities of land use systems for salt-affected landscapes that are sustainable, profitable and have positive environment impacts. This research aims at providing productive options for managing the increasingly large areas that have and will become salty over the next years.

‘Saline Agriculure’ has effective strategy and endorsed an opportunity to a comprehensive production system for different saline environments. Ideally, this should result in a patchwork planting of different species across the landscape, matching levels of tolerance and adaptation to levels of salinity, water logging and associated problems, with the use of these plants being integrated into profitable land management systems. Aggregating these individual options to regional and national levels requires an even greater range of plants, both for different climates and for different roles.

The negative environmental consequences of fossil fuels and concerns about climate change and petroleum supplies have spurred the search for renewable transportation bio-fuels. The cultivation of bio-fuel crops on saline waste lands and/or irrigation with saline water and wastewater may be considered as an opportunity to save freshwater and good land for other purposes.

Thus programe aims to create the scientific fundamentals and scientific capacity for developing plant-based solutions focused on coping with, reducing, arresting and reversing the impacts of salinity. Similarly, other physical and agronomic practices to enhance the profitability/sustainability of salt-affected lands and waters are also a component of the programe. Using raised soil beds in water logging-prone, saline soils systems to produce cereals especially wheat on saline and waterlogged lands and use of different sowing techniques and pre-sowing seed treatments are also under investigation in the programe.